Friday, 14 July 2017

How to fix the “Failed to compare two elements in the array” error while installing Sitecore Package.

This fine morning I was installing a given Sitecore Package from one environment to other. During installation, I encountered the Error “The installation failed.”.

"Failed to compare two elements in the array" As shown

Someone has truly said life is not always easy as it was a straight forward Sitecore package installation and I was not anticipating any error.

Thanks to Sitecore logging mechanism to capture and provide detailed log information.

Upon checking log we found error “Failed to compare two elements in the array. ---> System.ArgumentException: Could not parse the language XX. Note that a custom language name must be on the form: isoLanguageCode-isoRegionCode-customName”
As shown below.

On further investigation, I observed that a custom language has been used in provided Sitecore package. In order to fix this issue further, we need to register the custom language tool.
The Language Registration tool allows to register a language in Sitecore that doesn’t have the corresponding language in MS Windows, for example, “Eastern Scottish”, by registering a custom culture in .NET framework.

A marketplace module by Dhruva Can be used in order to register the custom language. 

Post registering custom language the Error got resolved.

Enjoy Sitecore package installation.

Pradeep Shukla
Sitecore Architect:: Digital Marketing Expert