Friday, 23 September 2016

Step by Step Introduction to SEO Series # 3 :: All to know about Search engines

What are Web Search engines ?

  • A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web

How Web Search engines display results ?
  • Web Search engine displays result in SERP(Search Engine Result Page)
What are the primary functions of Web Search Engine ?
  • On a very high-level Web Search Engine as mainly two functions
    • Crawl for information on the World Wide Web and index them 
    • Provide Search Results 
How is the market share of Web Search Engine ?
  • Undoubtedly Google is giant and most popular search engine provider worldwide , however there are other players doing their is specific Geolocations
    • Yandex - Russia 
    • Baidu - China
    • Naver - South Korea
Top 4 player with market share % as on Aug 2016 are as below

  Bing 10.65%
  Baidu 8.73%
  Yahoo 7.52%

Does Search Engine Personalise the Result as per location,user ?
  • Yes
Do I need to verify my site with Web Search Engines?
  • Yes you need to verify your site with various Web search engine; Its also recommended to verify with a given Search engine provider specific to a region for e.g if we need to verify with Yandex if we have website content in Russian.
Some important sites to keep yourself updated with Search engine updates

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