Monday, 13 June 2016

Follow the Major Link and List Types

A common task in the Content Editor is to navigate to the Item being referenced by a field.

Currently the most effective way is to view the raw data of the Item, copy the Guid and paste it in the Search. However if the Field is a Droplist or Group Droplist where the raw value is the Item name there is no way to get to the item.

This module fixes that.

Above the field there is a hyperlink that takes you straight to the Item referenced by the Field and works on all the major Link and List Types;

  • Droplink
  • Grouped Droplink
  • Droplist
  • Grouped Droplist
  • Droptree
  • Treelist
  • Mulitlist

This handles all the awkwardness of the Droplist and Grouped Droplist only containing the Item Name. It works great for Multilist and Treelist fields where you can go to the Item you have selected in either column!

Checkout the gifs under the Solution tabs to see how it works in action.

The module works natively in Sitecore and only consists of two code files and a few Items in the core database so can be added to all your Sitecore Instances without any unwanted side effects.

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