Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Sitecore 8 : Missing Sitecore.Commerce.Connect licenses message in Content Editor

I tried to use existing Sitecore 7 license along with Sitecore 8 installation.

I found the below message.

Required license is missing.
You require one of the following licenses to use the Sitecore Commerce Connect module. 'Sitecore.Commerce.Connect' or 'Sitecore.Commerce.ConnectPartner'

As we know any error message is not good in our life. So we approach our dear friend google and sitecore KB article for the solution.


                                1. Open the \App_Config\Include\Sitecore.Commerce.config file.
                                2. Comment out the following lines:
                                   <processor type="Sitecore.Commerce.Pipelines.ContentEditorLicenseWarning, Sitecore.Commerce"/>
                                 Not a rocket science but wanted to verify if this works. Here is 
                                Result below.



                                <!--  PUBLISHING GROUPS
                                  Pipe separated list of default publishing groups.
                                  Groups in this list will be preselected in the Publish dialog.
                                  <setting name="DefaultPublishingTargets" value="target1|target2|target3" />

                                Wednesday, 25 May 2016

                                Tag Managment Analysis using ghostery trackermaplive

                                Trackermap® allows companies to get a 360° view of their digital technologies (managed or unmanaged) and identify their vulnerabilities.

                                See Trackermap examples from some top companies, and imagine what you could do with 360° view we offer, including:

                                •     Tag Management implementation
                                •     Data Leakage
                                •     Data Governance
                                •     Performance
                                •     Security



                                Saturday, 21 May 2016

                                Sitecore Setting BucketConfiguration ResolveFacetValueToFriendlyName

                                1. <!--  
                                2. RESOLVE FACET VALUE TO FRIENDLY NAME  
                                3.            If you are storing a field in the index that is being faceted on, it may be stored as an ID. This Setting  
                                4.            when set to true, will try and resolve this to the friendly item name instead.   
                                6.            USAGE: In an environment with huge amounts of items (e.g. 1 Million), this will not scale properly.  
                                7. -->  
                                9. <setting name="BucketConfiguration.ResolveFacetValueToFriendlyName" value="true" >  

                                Sunday, 15 May 2016

                                Hellow World in Android Application !!

                                Steps Done as below.

                                Installed Java SDK
                                Set PATH
                                Installed Android Studio

                                Was not able to connect my Device to laptop. Mitigated by installing the usb driver from Samsung..

                                Was causing proxy issue.. Provided proxies details as well..

                                Happy to start learning android Development..

                                tweetsharp Powerful Twitter API


                                Friday, 13 May 2016

                                How to pass parameter to sitecore processor


                                Thursday, 12 May 2016

                                Convert Date time to Preety Date

                                 static string GetPrettyDate(DateTime d)
                                 // 1.
                                 // Get time span elapsed since the date.
                                 TimeSpan s = DateTime.Now.Subtract(d);
                                 // 2.
                                 // Get total number of days elapsed.
                                 int dayDiff = (int)s.TotalDays;
                                 // 3.
                                 // Get total number of seconds elapsed.
                                 int secDiff = (int)s.TotalSeconds;
                                 // 4.
                                 // Don't allow out of range values.
                                 if (dayDiff < 0 || dayDiff >= 31)
                                     return null;
                                 // 5.
                                 // Handle same-day times.
                                 if (dayDiff == 0)
                                     // A.
                                     // Less than one minute ago.
                                     if (secDiff < 60)
                                  return "just now";
                                     // B.
                                     // Less than 2 minutes ago.
                                     if (secDiff < 120)
                                  return "1 minute ago";
                                     // C.
                                     // Less than one hour ago.
                                     if (secDiff < 3600)
                                  return string.Format("{0} minutes ago",
                                      Math.Floor((double)secDiff / 60));
                                     // D.
                                     // Less than 2 hours ago.
                                     if (secDiff < 7200)
                                  return "1 hour ago";
                                     // E.
                                     // Less than one day ago.
                                     if (secDiff < 86400)
                                  return string.Format("{0} hours ago",
                                      Math.Floor((double)secDiff / 3600));
                                 // 6.
                                 // Handle previous days.
                                 if (dayDiff == 1)
                                     return "yesterday";
                                 if (dayDiff < 7)
                                     return string.Format("{0} days ago",
                                 if (dayDiff < 31)
                                     return string.Format("{0} weeks ago",
                                  Math.Ceiling((double)dayDiff / 7));
                                 return null;

                                convert a Unix time value to a DateTime

                                public static DateTime UnixTimeToDateTime(long unixtime)
                                    DateTime sTime = new DateTime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, DateTimeKind.Utc);
                                    return sTime.AddSeconds(unixtime);

                                Convert Date time to Unix timestamp

                                public static long ConvertToUnixTime(DateTime datetime)
                                    DateTime sTime = new DateTime(1970, 1, 1,0,0,0,DateTimeKind.Utc);
                                    return (long)(datetime - sTime).TotalSeconds;

                                Tuesday, 10 May 2016

                                Search strategy for Multi site in sitecore

                                We can do following

                                • Separate core in Solr
                                • New index

                                Another way that you can manage sites with Sitecore 7 is NOT to use a core or index per site but rather use the built-in filters to simply filter your search by site. Luckily, this is also given to you for free with Sitecore 7. We ship with a IComputedIndexField called "Site" which stores anIList<string> of site names that each IIndexable belongs to. This allows you to search with LINQ like so:
                                var query = context.GetQueryable<Swan>.Where(i => i.Site.Contains("Lego"));

                                Select box


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