Monday, 11 August 2014

Getting Started With SOLR

Getting Started with Solr

·         Features

o   Hit highlighting
o   Auto correction
o   Faceted Search
o   Multi language support
o   Given Ranked Search Results aka Ranked Retrieval

·         Is
o   No Sql Technology
o   Provide fault tolerance using Solr cloud .
o   Built on Apache Lucene
o   Java Based
o   Open source
o   Need Java Servlet Engine like jetty tomcat jboss
o   Scalable
§  We can distribute indexing and query processing on separate server.
o   Ready to Deploy
o   Optimized          
§  Can handle millions of results
o   Stable
§  Many org still continues with old solr version
o   Text Centric
o   Document Oriented
o   Given Ranked Search Results
o   Provide NRT
o   Read dominant
§  Created once but read multiple times
o   Can be access via http
o   Provides Admin console for Admins
o   Has Huge community of Users
o   rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling
o   Created
§  @ CNET Networks
§  When in 2004
§  By Yonik Seeley

·         Is not

o   Data storage or Data processing mechanism
o   Not like web search engine.
o   An alternative or replacement of Relational Sql
o   Provide parent child relation but does not support complex relation
o   Has nothing to deal with SEO
o   Solr can not provide authorization on Search Results
o   Does not provide UI Components for Search output.

·         Keywords

o   NoSQl : Not only Sql
o   NRT : Near Real time
o   SPOF: Single point of failure

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