Thursday, 5 September 2013

Q. What are the Sitecore Rule Engine..

Site core has 5 steps and 3 phase in which we develop a site core Site
1.      Create Data Template
2.      We create content ITEM

In C# this is like Creating class(1) and Object(2).
Sitecore don’t have in Build Rendering mechanism we need to build The Rendering mechanism.

1.      Presentation component.

Something which renders HTML content; We need to learn 4 of them and one of them is “Layout”.

2.      Layouts
Text Box: Presentation component.

Is this is Data binding.. No This is kind of Presentation binding.

Presentation layer Details..

When a URL comes to Sitecore... Its looks from

Which content item à Looks up data template à which layout à what all presentation component should be inserted in Layouts..
Template standard value ( Here we have Presentation layer Details).
Default field value ( Default value for data fields).
·      Insert Option – what kind of things we can insert as children
·      Workflow
·      Presentation layer details (PLD)
There are 4 things to be remembered about Template standatd value ..
4 different presentation Component

SiteCOre                          File system
Layout                                                 .apsx
Sublayout                                 .ascx (Web user control)
XSLT Rendering                                               .xslt
Webcontrol                   Server side control (.dll)

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