Thursday, 5 September 2013

Q . Can I use the plus sign in URLs, for example: http://localhost/news+events.aspx

Q How
We can change the Item Name to have the + sign.

Can we have the + sign in ITEM name : No we need  to adjust the regular expression in the “ItemNameValidation” setting in web.config and make sure + sign is not  present in theInvalidItemNameChars” setting.

Also we can opt out to leverage item display names instead of item names for URLs by just flipping the “useDisplayName” parameter to “true”. This parameter is also extremely useful for multilingual sites.

<linkManager defaultProvider="sitecore">
        <add name="sitecore" type="Sitecore.Links.LinkProvider, Sitecore.Kernel" addAspxExtension="true"
                           alwaysIncludeServerUrl="false" encodeNames="true" languageEmbedding="asNeeded"
                           languageLocation="filePath" shortenUrls="true" useDisplayName="false"/>


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