Thursday, 29 August 2013


DMS - Digital Marketing System.

OMS - Online marketing suite

CEP (Customer Engagement Program)

wffm    Web Forms for Marketers 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Easy Ways to Improve Your Content Author Experience in Sitecore

  1. Properly configure Insert Options
  2. Hide items that have no relevance to the content author
    1. Sitecore implementation that has multiple sites. If a content author only edits a single site, hiding the other sites will reduce the clutter they see in the interface.
  3. Field help text
  4. Field ordering
  5. Use unique icons per template
  6. Add thumbnails images to your sub-layouts
  7. Always ensure that you have properly configured the brows
  8. The number of items under any parent item affects how quickly that parent unfolds
    1. try to limit the number of children per item to 25, and especially avoid items with more than 100 children.