Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What is max size for a Sitecore Package

The max size for sitecore package can be 2 gb

 The Max. Size of Package should not be 1.9 GB! (Which is a MaxValue of Int32 — 2,147,483,647 == 2 GB) 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How to Get the WEBSite Base URL

   private string websiteBase;
        protected string WebSiteBase
                if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(websiteBase))
                websiteBase = Uri.UriSchemeHttp + System.Uri.SchemeDelimiter + Request.Url.Host;

                return websiteBase;

Monday, 14 October 2013

Want default languages for user to be German so he need not to change the langauges again and again !!

We can do the same by using the User Manager and setting the default language for given user..

By default its is "Default" so for all users whenever he picks any site core items .. The items gets opened in Default lang..

Friday, 6 September 2013

Can we have more than one publishing Target

Can I have DOTS(.) in Sitecore Item Name

Yes is by Default No.

But if we would like to have the . then we need to change the ItemNameValidation Setting in Web.config file ..

            Regular expression for validating item names   -->
      <setting name="ItemNameValidation" value="^[\w\*\$][\w\s\-\$]*(\(\d{1,}\)){0,1}$" />
Modified Regular Expression.
      <setting name="ItemNameValidation" value="^[\w\*\$][\w\.\s\-\$]*(\(\d{1,}\)){0,1}$" /> 

To Allow (.)

How to use extension in the Sitecore Media Request URL

Go to Web.config file and find a setting named “Media.RequestExtension” and remove the extension value.
<!--  MEDIA - REQUEST EXTENSION                
The extension to use in media request URLs. If the value is not set, the Extension field of the individual media items will be used (ie. JPG, GIF, etc.)
Default value: "ashx"-->
      <setting name="Media.RequestExtension" value="ashx" />

Remove ashx from the value.
      <setting name="Media.RequestExtension" value="" />

Before change      : /~/media/Images/logo.ashx
After change         : /~/media/Images/logo.png (ashx also will work.)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Q: List few of the Example’s where all the cache of Sitecore gets cleaned..

1.      If any field gets changed from “Shared” to “Unshared” and Template gets published, it clears full cache.

2.      If Memory Monitor threshold is reached and if clear full caches flag is true.

3.      When we do langaue Rename or Langauge Deleetion..

4.      /sitecore/admin/cache.aspx has button “Clear all” which should be calling this method.

5 When we do full site publishing .. Html caching is cleared.. 

Q. What are the Sitecore Rule Engine..

Site core has 5 steps and 3 phase in which we develop a site core Site
1.      Create Data Template
2.      We create content ITEM

In C# this is like Creating class(1) and Object(2).
Sitecore don’t have in Build Rendering mechanism we need to build The Rendering mechanism.

1.      Presentation component.

Something which renders HTML content; We need to learn 4 of them and one of them is “Layout”.

2.      Layouts
Text Box: Presentation component.

Is this is Data binding.. No This is kind of Presentation binding.

Presentation layer Details..

When a URL comes to Sitecore... Its looks from

Which content item à Looks up data template à which layout à what all presentation component should be inserted in Layouts..
Template standard value ( Here we have Presentation layer Details).
Default field value ( Default value for data fields).
·      Insert Option – what kind of things we can insert as children
·      Workflow
·      Presentation layer details (PLD)
There are 4 things to be remembered about Template standatd value ..
4 different presentation Component

SiteCOre                          File system
Layout                                                 .apsx
Sublayout                                 .ascx (Web user control)
XSLT Rendering                                               .xslt
Webcontrol                   Server side control (.dll)

• Can you integrate Sitecore with SharePoint?
• Can you use the AJAX toolkit on a Sitecore site?
• Can Sitecore deliver Flash content?
• Can we have search options on our site?
• Can Sitecore integrate with Google Analytics?
• Can we implement breadcrumbs with Sitecore?


Q . Can I use the plus sign in URLs, for example: http://localhost/news+events.aspx

Q How
We can change the Item Name to have the + sign.

Can we have the + sign in ITEM name : No we need  to adjust the regular expression in the “ItemNameValidation” setting in web.config and make sure + sign is not  present in theInvalidItemNameChars” setting.

Also we can opt out to leverage item display names instead of item names for URLs by just flipping the “useDisplayName” parameter to “true”. This parameter is also extremely useful for multilingual sites.

<linkManager defaultProvider="sitecore">
        <add name="sitecore" type="Sitecore.Links.LinkProvider, Sitecore.Kernel" addAspxExtension="true"
                           alwaysIncludeServerUrl="false" encodeNames="true" languageEmbedding="asNeeded"
                           languageLocation="filePath" shortenUrls="true" useDisplayName="false"/>


Q if Sitecore is having error what all places we can see the result…

In the Sitecore logs 
in the Event Viewer 
unusual on the SQL side 
 nothing unusually heavy on the worker process – CPU is idling out, memory is fine. 

Q. Can we handle to control when an ITEM is deleted

Yes we can…..We have got event for ITEM Created Deleted locked and Unlocked and etc..

Q. Why should we use include config files though we can have same settings done in web.config file..

            1. if in near future if we have got a new version of Sitecore ; Sitecore gives a new version of web.config file.. But it will not impact anything on include config files so we need not to modify it again..

Include folder generally have the settings specific to Sitecore..

Also in multi developers environment we can have different inclue.config file for various users.

Q.. Which is good tool to view log

Log parser lizard.. Sitecore recommends to use the same…

Q. Is there any tool we can use to compare the WEB and master database in Sitecore..

Q. Sitecore internally uses which logging ?

Log4 Net.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sitecore Media Item created in multiple languages?

The Below settings Decided if we can have media as VERSIONABLE  or not...

            This setting controls if uploaded media is versionable by default or not.
      <setting name="Media.UploadAsVersionableByDefault" value="false"/>

By Default it is False

Check Media.UploadAsVersionableByDefault setting in your web.config. If it is false, then uploaded media item will be created in all those languages which exist under /sitecore/system/languages. This media item will use unversioned template/sitecore/templates/System/Media/Unversioned/File template, so the Blob(Media) and its common details would be shared across all language versions. See below image. 

If we make it true

Where, if you have this setting as true, then each media item will be generated in default language only. This media item will use versioned template /sitecore/templates/System/Media/Versioned/File template, so the Blob(Media) and its all details would be distinct across languages. See below image. 


We can choose whether we need versioned or unversioned media. While doing Upload File (Advanced), Sitecore asks to selectMake Uploaded Media Items Versionable checkbox. If the checkbox is selected, it will create versioned media, otherwise will create unversioned media items. See below image: 

Courtesy :

Custom tab in Pages Bar -

1. Open core database.
2. Locate “/sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor/Applications”
3. Duplicate any of already existing item and change newly copied item’s Source field to something like below:
/sitecore/shell/Applications/Content Manager/Default.aspx?ro=/sitecore/media library/Files&he=Files
Just a note : ro is the basic guy which you should look at. Here you can give any path which you would like to open!

Source :

Thursday, 29 August 2013


DMS - Digital Marketing System.

OMS - Online marketing suite

CEP (Customer Engagement Program)

wffm    Web Forms for Marketers 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Easy Ways to Improve Your Content Author Experience in Sitecore

  1. Properly configure Insert Options
  2. Hide items that have no relevance to the content author
    1. Sitecore implementation that has multiple sites. If a content author only edits a single site, hiding the other sites will reduce the clutter they see in the interface.
  3. Field help text
  4. Field ordering
  5. Use unique icons per template
  6. Add thumbnails images to your sub-layouts
  7. Always ensure that you have properly configured the brows
  8. The number of items under any parent item affects how quickly that parent unfolds
    1. try to limit the number of children per item to 25, and especially avoid items with more than 100 children.